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Lessons from the Past

Q: How can lessons of the past inform our decisions for a better space future?

Serving as part of an active advisory team for Arizona State University's Interplanetary Initiative to collect lessons from our past that will inform the first permanent communities on the Moon or Mars to build a sustainable positive future for all humankind.

This project is ongoing and its end goals include:

  •  Developing a digital timeline tool to look through the entire human history of events that have parallels to our 
      space future activity and create a catalog of events
  •  Creating an analysis of cause and effect for lessons learned
  •  Interviewing existing specialists/scholars/artists

  •  Visualization of the connection between historic events and space future activity:

           - Producing a full-length film documentary 

           - Producing an event in ASU's Marston Theater to provide accessible space to experience the history and                         communicate insights to the public

  •  Creating documents for policy makers of the 77+ space agencies in the world


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