Introspectives: Contemporary Art by Americans and Brazilians of African Descent

California African American Museum, Los Angeles (1989)

Comprehensive exhibition exploring the issue of identity in the contemporary art of Americans and Brazilian artists of African descent, with works by Maria Adair, Emanoel Araújo, José Roberto Leonel Barreto, Yvonne Pickering Carter, Claude Clark, Robert Colescott, Houston Conwill, Emilio Cruz, Mel Edwards, Siron Franco, Sam Gilliam, Bill Hutson, Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Sidney Lizardo, Edison da Luz, Maria Lidia Magliani, Tyrone Mitchell, Keith Morrison, Mary O'Neal, Juarez Paraiso, Gervane de Paula, Martin Puryear, Edival Ramosa, Frank Smith, Vincent Smith, Slyvia Snowden, Genilson Soares, Terciliano Jr., Rubem Valentim, Jack Whitten, William T. Williams.

Featured Artist:

Emanuel Araújo - Salvador, Brasil

Untitled, 1940

As curatorial assistant,  I managed international shipping and customs of art work, coordination of international artists, translation, and curation and production of Brazilian film festival.

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